The Mughal Room is named for the style of cooking developed inn Northern India in the imperial kitchens during the 16th through 18th-century rule of the Mughal Empire, which was strongly influenced by Persian cuisine. Encompassing both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, the painstakingly crafted food includes biryanis made with toasted basmati rice, yogurt and spices.

Kebabs are central to the cuisine. At The Mughal Room, one special kebab is made not only with minced meat and green chilies, but includes the unusual addition of green mango. Another kebab is modeled after the iconic masala kebab that has been prepared for a century by the family of a legendary one-armed chef “Tunday Mia” in Northern India.

Guests will enjoy all of that, plus California wines, and beer on tap, as well as bottled Indian beer such as Kingfisher, in a 2,500-square-foot, two-story space that seats 70, with private dining available for as many as 40. Comfortable banquettes will tempt guests to linger at tables set with crisp linens.

The Mughal Room will be open for lunch and dinner. Sample menus will be posted soon.